all the stars that once were

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all the stars that once were

all the stars that once were is a collection of fifty-eight poems and twelve photos that pay tribute to people who hold special places in the poet’s life.

In his second book, If You Follow a Crooked River, Poems of Cleveland and Other Sacred Places, Mr. Cheslock reflects on the places of his life (many of them well known to us from our own experience), places where a young man grew to become a skilled and reflective writer, one who, as retired newspaper editor Lou Jacquet notes “captures with masterful detail aspects of his past that resonate with anyone who has grown up in the gritty reality of the Greater Cleveland area.”


joe cheslock photoIn all the stars that once were, Cheslock brings the same sensitive perspective to the people who shaped the man he has become, to those who helped grow his soul. In that way, it is a collection that does what we would all like to do, honor the memories of people important to us.


Joanne Lehman, Wick Poetry fellow, author, and college instructor, says, “all the stars that once were is a volume of contemporary elegies that at once both mournful and full of the wonder of life.”


Dr. Jack Kristofco, retired professor of literature/creative writing and an award-winning poet, observes about this book: “Though I have never met any of the people Mr. Cheslock presents, I find that I know them all very well.”


all the stars that once were is available for $15.00 (which includes mailing costs) from: The Orchard Street Press; P.O. Box 280; Gates Mills, Ohio 44040

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