Vital Signs

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Vital Signs

VITAL SIGNS by Joyce S. Brown of Baltimore, Maryland includes twenty-four poems, eight of which were previously published in a range of journals, including: The American Scholar, Poetry, Potomac Review, Antietam Review, and The Tennessee Quarterly.


The collection takes in a wide sweep of experiences and topics with titles like “GOD,” “Ha,” “The Poem Should be Simple and Strange,” “Why the Dying Watch TV,” and “The Airman Gets His Pay.”

joyce s brown photoJoyce S. Brown lives in Baltimore. Her poems have appeared in Yankee, The Christian Science Monitor, The Maryland Poetry review, and Smartish Pace among others. She holds a degree from the Johns Hopkins Writing Seminars where she taught fictin and poetry to undergraduate students for ten years.


Vital Signs is available for $10 from The Orchard Street Press, P.O. Box 280, Gates Mills, Ohio, 44040.