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2019 Poetry Contest

There was a very strong response to this year’s Poetry Contest, with hundreds of poems be submitted by poets from all across the country. The winners in this year’s Contest are:

1st Place: $500 and the Malovrh-Fenlon Poetry Prize, “The Power of Memory” by Glen Mazis of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

2nd Place: $300, “Quenched” by Mary Ann Honaker of Beckley, West Virginia

3rd Place: $200, “All My Relations” by Gary Boelhower of Duluth, Minnesota


“Thoughts of an Aging Cover Girl” by Bob Wickless of Reidsville, North Carolina

“You Cannot Yoke the Dragonfly” by Larsen Bowker of Blacksburg, Virginia

“March, March” by Linda M. Fischer of Swarthmore, Pennsylvania

“Shipwreck in the Nile” by Susan Donnelly of  Arlington, Massachusetts

“Life Songs” by Thomas A. West, Jr. of Morrison, Colorado

“Snow Dancers” by Duane Niatum of Seattle, Washington

“Blue Valentine” by Elizabeth Chapman of Palo Alto, California

“At Summer’s End” by Craig McVay of Columbus, Ohio

“Tornado Jesus” by Ben Onachila of Brevard, North Carolina

“The Hike to the Gray Eagle Mine” by Suzanne Freeman of Ingram, Texas

Semi-Finalists and Honorable Mention

Alan Elyshevitz of Norriton, Pennsylvania; Lew Forrester of Arvada, Colorado; Donna Pucciani of Wheaton, Illinois; Mark Louis Lehman of Cincinnati, Ohio; Peter Ludwin of Kent, Washington; Mark Taksa of Albany, California; Marilee Richards of Sedona, Arizona; Lisa M. Hase Jackson of Charleston, South Carolins; Eleanor Lerman of Long Beach, New York; Jack Vian of Beaumont, Texas; Dave Malone of West Plains, Missouri; Bonnie Manion of St. Louis, Missouri; Yvonne (Chism-Peace) of Philadelphia,

Pennsylvania; Chris Anderson of Corvallis, Oregon; Stephanie Baird of Granby, Massachusetts

Quiet Diamonds 2019

This year’s edition of Quiet Diamonds, Orchard Street’s annual poetry journal, composed of the 44 poems selected (from the poets noted above) from this year’s Contest entries, was released on September 30th
.  It is a remarkable collection of work covering an amazing range of topics and styles. The announcement of that release follows: 



Art Preserves What Can't Be Saved

A wonderful new collection of poems by Carolyn Dahl of Houston. The announcement of that release follows:



Scream Queen

An imaginative and innovative poetry chapbook by Kiara Nicole Letcher from Omaha, Nebraska. The announcement of that release follows:



Social Work and Other Myths

The exceptional collection of poems that draw upon the experience, craft, and insights of Douglas M. Smith of Chelsea, Michigan, a writer who has spent more than thirty years in the field of social work.


Details: Entries of up to four original, previously unpublished poems (typed, single-spaced, with no poem longer than two pages) along with the $12 entry fee (check payable Orchard Street Press) will be accepted up to the postmark deadline of April 20. Entries should be sent to: The Orchard Street Press, P.O. Box 280; Gates Mills, Ohio 44040. Call us with questions at 330-264-7733.

Walls Around the Ring

A collection of twenty-one poems that display the excellent work of an exciting young poet, Patrick Synan of Watertown, Massachusetts.




A full collection of poems from well-known poet and editor Peter C. Leverich of Mahnasset, New YorkThe poems engage nature on a very personal level and convey the poet’s joy in and appreciation for the large and small wonders of the earth, woods, wind, and water.  The Reverend Benjamin Burns of  Southold, New York says that these poems “are laden with a close sense of (your) connection to a world we see and feel more closely…in fact, we have rushed past without the sense of wonder and hope you beckon us to feel.” BLAZE is available for $15 from The Press.