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The Orchard Street Press presents Dialogues With Light an exceptional new collection of poems by Lew Forester of Arvada, Colorado

"Here's a poet at home with lyricism who knows what he's about, and not afraid to tackle the big questions: the nature of man and man's place in nature"
-Frank Coons, author of Finding Cassiopeia and Counting in Dog Years


"Forester's personal experience with family sorrows and serious illness informs his compassion, as a social worker, for victims of poverty, disease, and natural disasters. Still, his lyrical poetry speaks to the reader with hope..."
-Donna Pucciani, author of Edges

"The collection explores language and our use of it, even when words become 'clouds blocking light.' He (Forester) writes, 'my roaming raspberries must be bearing/fruit on the other side,' then 'It's left me full and hollow, with the bones of a bird.' This is a stellar debut."
-Sheryl Luna, author of Pity The Drowned Horses and Seven

About the Author

Lew Forester was born in San Antonio, Texas and has lived near Denver, Colorado since age 14. He's a retired social worker, where his writing skills were mostly used for writing grants and an 'Ask Lew' column that appeared in a local paper. In 2012 he was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma which forced an early retirement in 2013. Now seven years in remission, he devotes more time and energy to writing and sending out his poetry. His poems have appeared in journals and magazines across the country, including: Atlanta Review, Main Street Rag, New Madrid, Slipstream, Plainsongs, Pinyon, Quiet Diamonds, and others. He won the 2018 Malovrh-Fenlon Poetry Prize from The Orchard Street Press. Lew and his wife have live Arvada, Colorado.

Dialogues With Light is available for $15; send check to:
The Orchard Street Press; P.O. Box 280; Gates Mills, Ohio 44040

Sales price: $15.00