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Mark Louis Lehman

a_Mark Louis Lehman

Mark Louis Lehman graduated from the University of Michigan, later earning a Ph.D. and teaching English for three decades at the university of Cincinnati. He has also been a long-time classical music reviewer for The American Record Guide and The Absolute Sound and continues to compose chamber music, with several releases of his compositions on the Enharmonic and Albany record labels. In 2006 his first and so far only novel Mocky’s Revinge (yes, that is the correct spelling) was published, earning the 2007 Independent Publisher Book Award for “Outstanding Story Teller of the Year” as well as laudatory reviews in Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Reviews, Booklist, and other venues. His poems have appeared in Quiet Diamonds, The Lyric, Eureka Review, and Cincinnati Poetry Review. Twenty Small Worlds, 2020.