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Orchard Street Press Ltd.

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The Orchard Street Press was established in 2016 to provide an alternative publishing opportunity for writers whose work deserves an audience beyond the readers of the small literary reviews and journals. The Press works cooperatively (and creatively) with its writers to produce publications that are both intellectually/emotionally engaging and aesthetically appealing. We take particular pride in the quality of the books we produce.

Why “Orchard Street?”

We all have special places in our lives, places from which the people, sounds, sights remain despite all the days and distance we may have traveled from them. One such place is a small mountain town in Pennsylvania where a family of thirteen once lived in a seven-room house built by a coal miner and his brothers, built before electricity and indoor plumbing, at a time when people’s lives were all too often measured only by the tiny piece their breath and sweat could add to the coffers of some corporate monolith. Six brothers, five sisters, father John and mother Mary living in the Pennsylvania sun beneath the shadow of a blue-green mountain in their small white house four doors down on Orchard Street.