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The Orchard Street Press is pleased to announce the release of Sea Changes an exciting new chapbook la poet Duane Niattun of Seattle, Washington.

What the reviewers are saying:

"Watching sunshine, moonlight, waves, insects, birds, and flowers, Niatum interprets life through the sacred and personal stories that shape it. From birdsongs and water dripping from canoe paddles to glimpsing Raven's life lessons and artists' expectations, Niatum shows how memories, observations, art, and love lead us to accept change and embrace a fleeting life."
- William E. Smith: Professor Emeritus, Western Washington University

"Duane Niatum's Sea Changes glisten from the mist of the ocean on a winter morning. One hears nature's voice drown out the bustle and confusion of cars and computers to bring out a clarity only possible through the depth of his passion for the environment...Niatum is an American voice of the highest order whose poetry is required reading in dark times."
- Jeffrey DiLeo: Professor of English and Philosophy and Editor, American Book Review

"This book is a major moment—another volume from one of the foremost American Indigenous poets since the 60's—and now he offers this new collection in his sustained output, his seventh book since the turn of the millennium...Niatum the artist has become a guide for surviving our times."
- David L. Moore: Emeritus Professor, University of Montana

Sales price: $12.00