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The Orchard Street Press presents: Art Preserves What Can't Be Saved by Carolyn Dahl of Houston, Texas

A remarkable new collection of work from a poet and artist who explores not only the soul of art but also the art of the human soul. These are poems that engage the reader with their beauty and their perceptions, their light and dark, the skill of the poet.

"Carolyn Dahl brings us into a luminous world where art, time, and memory intersect....hers is a surreal yet redemptive landscape, where flowers are re-imagined as 'an indelible form of cherries,' where 'suicide snowflakes refuse to fall.'"
-Gabrielle Langley, Author and Editor

"In this collection, 'the poets' eyes flare with fire, and they fly from one world to the next on the backs of dragons, trailing poems behind' ...taking on many voices of diverse characters: an actor's understudy, an embezzler of words, a deer hunter. When I finished my first reading...I exclaimed Wow! and began reading it again."
- Dave Parsons, 2011 Texas State Poet Laureate

"She (Dahl) is a rapturous ventriloquist of personas, states of being, and imagined realities full of longing....These poems are an invocation to let 'paper eyes explode with light.'
-Loueva Smith, Award-winning poet

About the Author

Carolyn Dahl was the grand prize winner in the national 2015 ARTlines poetry contest, a finalist in the PEN Texas Literary competition in non-fiction and the 2018 Malovrh-Fenlon Poetry Prize. Her essays and poems have been published in many anthologies, including: Women On Poetry (McFarland), Goodbye, Mexico (Texas Review Press), Beyond Forgetting (Kent State), and in various literary journals, including: Copper Nickel, Plainsongs, Rock & Sling, and Camas. She co-authored the poetry and art book The Painted Door Opened.

Also a visual artist, Carolyn has shown her work in museums and national galleries, and she has authored three art books. When she isn't writing or making art, Carolyn raises monarch butterflies in her kitchen and sets them free in her Houston garden.

Art Preserves What Can't be Saved is available for $15 from The Orchard Street Press: P.O. Box 280; Gates Mills, Ohio 44040; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; orchpress.com; 330-264-7733

Sales price: $15.00