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The Orchard Street Press is pleased to announce the release of Twenty Small Worlds, an exceptional new collection of sonnets by Mark Louis Lehman of Cincinnati.

Noted American poet Annie Finch has written: "Rosetti expresses one of the most useful powers of the sonnet: the ability to keep a moment, to hold a feeling or experience and turn it around in the light of our awareness until many facets are evident. This multifaceted quality gives the sonnet a paradoxical feeling of freedom and expanse within confines.....It also helps explain the lasting appeal of the sonnet, the form that Rita Dove has called a 'little world." Mr. Lehman's poems here offer us twenty such 'expansive confines.'


"Mark Louis Lehman's Twenty Small Worlds collects twenty sonnets that explore the sweet and fragile mysteries of life, from the physical to the metaphysical. His poems are by turns enchanting, playful, wistful, elegiac—yet remain accessible and relatable."
-Joanne Greenway, author of two chapbooks and President of the Greater Cincinnati Writers League

"Lehman brings gritty surprise, concerned appreciation, and childlike wonder to our daily experiences. His words remind us that life on our planet is infinitelyprecious and miraculous."
-Carla Faletti, author of Couning Shalat A Collection of Poems and Prayers

"Construction workers, Greek goddesses, and mischievous animals populatethese poems and remind us that often the fantastical world and the world we live in are one and the same."
-Megan Mary Moore, widely published poet and author of the collection Dwellers.

Dr. Mark Louts Lehman has taught at the University of Cincinnati for three decades. He is also an established composer and reviewer of classical music. He is the authorof the novel Mocky Revinge which earned him an Independent Publisher's Book Award. His poems have appeared in Quiet Diamonds, The Lyric, Eureka Review, and Cincinnatti Poetry Review.

Twenty Small Worlds available for S12 from
The Orchard Street Press P O. Box 280
Gates Mills, Ohio 44040 orchpress.com

Sales price: $12.00