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The Orchard Street Press is pleased to announce the release of Duets: Love Poems & Prayers by Stephanie Baird of Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.

This is an exceptional collection of poems that go to the very soul of human relationships, unafraid to explore the truths, textures, and tensions that inhabit that complex realm. Baird embraces nature, science, and art in her work. Indeed, several pieces in the book are matched with art done by both the poet and her husband Ben Sears, enriching and broadening the reader's experience. This is truly a book for the mind, heart, eyes, and ears.

"....Baird is a force of nature. This book is a well-crafted collection of poems about relationship, in concert with nature and art....becoming an artistic tribute to their marriage. I felt enveloped by her poems, and I celebrate the release of this lovely chapbook."
-Lori Desrosiers, author of Sometimes I Hear the Clock Speak and Keeping Planes in the Air

"In a blend of scientific scrutiny and childlike wonder, Baird's poems surprise and delight Baird's poetry presents us with the paradoxes in which morbidity comfortably co-mingles with flowers and a toddler's mischief morphs into the creation of the cosmos The poems on their own are stunning, but Ben Sears' images make this little book into a complete artifact."
-Elizabeth MacDuffie, editor of Meat for Tea: The valley Review

About the Author: Stephanie Baird lives in Western Massachusetts and is an EMDR psychotherapist and consultant. Creating in many genres since her early teens, her poetry/prose has been published in Tule Review, SLAB, Colere, multiple issues of Meat For Tea (also publishing her linocuts and photography), plus Honorable Mention poems published in Orchard Street's Quiet Diamonds (2018 & 2019). When she isn't working, writing, or collaborating with her husband in various projects, including raising their spirited daughter, she voluntarily teaches O.N.L. sex education classes, writes a monthly sexual health column, and dabbles in film-making.

Duets: Love Poems & Prayers is available for $12; send check to:

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Sales price: $12.00