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The Orchard Street Press is pleased to announce the release of

Midnight Exhibition at the Wheatgrass Saloon
Elizabeth Chapman of Palo Alto, California

A remarkable collection of poems that engage the reader in the mind and in the heart and, ultimately, in the soul.
"Elizabeth Chapman's most recent collection is a love story between two accomplished artists, one a poet and the other a painter... in this volume we hear the voice of someone who has known suffering, has felt deeply, and has a keen appetite for life."
-Francis Murphy, Professor of English, Emeritus, Smith College

"She (Chapman) sketches her partner vibrantly alive, in all his depth, painterly, haiku-like utterances—as much as can be managed then. Eventually the poems lengthen, passing from the ephemeral to a substantial reckoning. It is a privilege to read these poems of love and loss and celebration."
-J. David Cummings, author of Tancho (Ashland Poetry Press)

"This is a book of the impossible—finding a fiercely consoling song not in spite of this mortal coil but because of it. Nimble, vivid, and fully inhabited, Elizabeth Chapman's poems are personal in the truest sense: accessible to our deepest feelings."
-Dean Young, William Livingston Chair of Poetry, The University of Texas at Austin. His most recent book is Solar Perplexus

Midnight Exhibition at the Wheatgrass Saloon is available for $12; send check to:

The Orchard Street Press P.O. Box 280; Gates Mills, Ohio 44040

As a poet, Elizabeth Chapman was a late bloomer, publishing her fast poem at the age of 43. A teacher of Renaissance Literature, and, for twenty years a psychotherapist, she lives and works in Palo Alto, California. Her poetry has appeared in POETRY, Santa Clara Review, BlueLine, Poet Lore, and Rattle. (M)other Tongue Press published her chapbook, Creekwalker, in 1995. She has seen two full-length collections into print: Candlefish (University of Arkansas Press, 2004) and Light Thickens (Ashland Poetry Press, 2009). Since 2000, she has been a member of the Squaw Valley Community of Writers.

Sales price: $12.00