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The Orchard Street Press is pleased to announce the release of In The Diamond Light of an Always Morning an exciting new chapbook by Larsen Bowker of Blacksburg, Virginia

Thoughts about The Diamond Light of an Always Morning:

"Larsen Bowker's poems are stark, vivid, tough, gentle, stricken, joyful—all of that, sometimes in the same poem. He has forged a clear, credible voice out of a lifetime of varied and sometimes difficult experience, and I for one am grateful for it."
-Chris Wiman: Professor of Christian Studies, Yale University


"I would recognize a Larsen Bowker poem, even if his name weren't attached; his carefully measured and structural stanzas please the ear and eye with distinctive voice and colloquial rhythms."
-Dwight Marsh: former editor of Plainsongs at Hastings College

"Larsen Bowker dramatizes past events in his life, filtering memories through his experience, in pursuit of meaning illuminating the present. The most emotionally intense are a father's love, a mother's piano, a Verona hotel, a gray bird, and a Tuscan farmhouse.....These poems are an artful dance, absorbing and insightful, seeking hearts and minds."
-Michael Squires: author of D.H. Lawrence and Freida

".....though there is a somber chord running through these poems, they offer a wide range of emotion and thought inviting us to 'dare the body to join the soul's grander circle."
-Louis Belt: poet, Head M/W Tennis Coach, Bluefield State College

About the Author:
This is Larsen Bowker's third chapbook of poetry that began in images from his early life in a prairie town in Nebraska. He found a narrative style in the myths and legends he grew up with in a small town between two rivers where the buffalo wallowed, the Oregon Trail passed, and Poncalndians once called Limestone bluffs above the "Little Blue River" home . He carried this style and its images and metaphors into his work as a Professor and Tennis Coach in the Blue Ridge Mountains at Virginia Tech. He retired into the hearts and minds of poets from Anna Ahkmatova to Walt Whitman.

In the Diamond Light of an Always Morning is available for $12 from The Orchard Street Press
P.O. Box 280; Gates Mills, Ohio 44040
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Sales price: $12.00