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The Orchard Street Press is pleased to announce the release of

Quiet Diamonds 2019

In the Spring of 2019, The Orchard Street Press conducted its second annual Poetry Contest. Hundreds of poems were submitted from all across America. From these submissions, forty-four pieces were selected for recognition: three for cash prizes (including this year’s winner of the Malovrh-Fenlon Poetry Prize), twelve as Finalists, fourteen as Semi-Finalists, and fifteen as Honorable Mention. These forty-four poems make up this year’s book.

“These poems exist in an array of vivid, earthy details so that we can feel them on our skin as well as in our hearts and minds. Each poet in this volume has crafted unique ways of experiencing our universe as gritty as sinking our toes into the beach and as transcendent as seeing an ocean stretch to the horizon.”       
-John Sheirer: editor, Freshwater Literary Journal


“While the poems of Quiet Diamonds display a wide range of voices and styles, they have in common an acute attention to language and imagistic detail that makes a finely cut gem, lyric and narrative poems that offer inspiration and engagement to readers of different tastes.”
-Eric Grienke: poet and author

“There are poems of life and death, music and silence, light and dark, man and nature, poems that are a pleasure to discover…the poems of Quiet Diamonds remain in the memory and on the pages to be found again.”
-Matthew J. Spireng: award-winning poet

“Herein lie poems I reread immediately, others I allowed to simmer, many I wish I’d written. Approach from the beginning or dip in at random, nothing here will let the reader down.”
-John Grey: poet, playwright, musician

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Quiet Diamonds 2019 is available for $15,
Checks to: The Orchard Street Press; P.O. Box 280;
Gates Mills, Ohio 44040;
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Orchpress.com; 330-264-7733

Sales price: $15.00