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The Orchard Street Press is pleased to announce the release of Joy in the Tomb of Hunting and Fishing by Craig McVay of Columbus, Ohio

Reviewers thoughts on Joy in the Tomb of Hunting and Fishing

“From the women of classical mythology to the ironic eyes of a prison teacher to the contemplative ruminations of farm families, McVay’s poems apply a magnifying glass to the losses—of family, culture, connection—that come with the passage of time…In a collection that gives equal tine to melancholy and acceptance, McVay’s matter-of-fact tone suggests that, no matter what, we must carry on.
-Steve Abbott: author of A Green Line Between Green Fields and A Language the Image Speaks

“Graig McVay brings us a rich grouping of mythologies that linger (at times sweet, at times bitter, or indefinably both) on the same palate. They entice us with color, sound, irony, and a thick, rich loam of familiarity—a little boy’s fantasy on the ball field, a father’s tenacity to keep his legacy alive, defiant women who step away from restriction, refusing to be bound by figurative or physical restraints…..Craig’s poems are full of life’s coarse edges as well as its smooth, enticing open-throated call, much like histories written  on the stone walls of a long-hidden room. You did not know they were there, yet you know.”
-Rose M. Smith: author of Unearthing Ida

About the Author

Craig McVay, originally from  Lafayette, Indiana, has lived for most of the past forty years with his wife, and extended family nearby, in Columbus, Ohio. His degrees are in Classics and English, both of which he has taught in schools, community colleges, and prisons in central Ohio and Maryland. He now teaches classical mythology at Columbus State Community College. He is co-founder of the longtime Columbus reading series, PeripateticPoets. His poems and stories appear online and in print in Avatar Review, Blue Unicorn,Common Threads, Everything Stops and Listens (anthology of the Ohio Poetry Association, 2013), Grey Sparrow, Icon, and other publications.  “Autumn Lynching in Ohio” received an Honorable Mention in the 2018 Orchard Street Press Poetry Contest, and “At Summer’s End” was a Finalist in 2019.

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