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The Orchard Street Press is pleased to announce the release of The Body is a Dancing Star, an exciting new poetry chapbook from Glen A. Mazis of  Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

From the collection……..

Seals Sail by All Day at Cape Cod

The old Navajos say birds endure
by entering the wind.
I watch seals swim by
as the ocean streams steadily
up the coast like a watery gale.

The seals bob up and down
as if on an enormous submerged carousel
encircling the globe,
not swimming but riding
on the deep currents
that offer free admission
since nature does not love to hide
as Heraclitus mistakenly declared.
Nature instead takes all others
on its back.

Thoughts on The Body is a Dancing Star

“It would take a poet of Glen Mazis’ immense sensibility to understand that the water in our bodies came from collisions between the earth and a vast array of comets millions of years ago, and that even now, traveling 6,000 miles an hour around the sun, we are balanced on tectonic plates that are floating on lava as we surf through the universe. These poems have that same gravitational pull and know that the ‘abandoned hives’ of the earth’s many bodies are where ‘the earth’s creatures lie.’”
-Keith Flynn, Editor of The Asheville Poetry Review and author of The Skin of Meaning; Colony Collapse Disorder; and many others.

“In The Body is a Dancing Star, Mazis explores the neighborhood where mind and body, sentiment and thought live and converse…His words act as a welcome guide who knows that the mind and the body together can write of intellect, moving moments, can write such splendid poetry.”
-Le Hinton, author of Sing Silence, The Language of Moisture and Light, The God of Our Dreams, and others

About the Author: Glen A. Mazis taught philosophy and humanities for decades at Penn State Harrisburg and just retired in 2020. He has published many poems in literary journals, including: Rosebud, The North American Review, Sou’wester, Spoon River Poetry Review, Willow Review, The Atlanta Review, Reed Magazine, and Asheville Poetry Review (best of 1994-2004). His poetry collection, The River Bends in Time was published by Anaphora Literary Press in 2012. He is also the author of five books of cultural critique and philosophy and was the winner of the 2019 Malovrh-Fenlon Poetry Prize from The Orchard Street Press.

The Body is a Dancing Star is available for $12 from:
The Orchard Street Press; P.O. Box 280; Gates Mills, OH 44040
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Sales price: $12.00