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Of Our Fatherlessness, Beth Gylys, author of Sky Blue Enough to Drink and Body Braille writes: “A father’s sudden death is the nexus of this hard-hitting new collection of poems by Mac Gay. In a book threaded with tragic loss and existential angst, Gay manages to weave insight, wry humor, and formal genius in a way that one feels at once kicked in the gut and charmed by Our Fatherlessness, his most recent and powerfully rendered collection.”

Leon Stokesbury, author of The Drifting Away and You Are Here: Poems New and Old, notes:

“From out of rural Georgia comes a mind that sees at once both the horror and comedy of the human condition. The best poems of Mac Gay’s fine book seem like little lightning bolts stopped just before they hit the ground.”

Ron Rash, author of Poems: New and Selected, The Risen, and Nothing Gold Can Stay, observes:

“A few months ago, after reading another lame, self-aggrandizing poem in The New Yorker, I asked myself: ‘where are the real poets, those who forge heart and intellect and craft into something that is, as Dylan Thomas said “a contribution to reality?”’ Now I’ve found one. Mac Gay’s poems are the real thing, a beautiful balance of sound and sense. Like the worthiest ghost, they surprise and haunt us. Bravo!”

Our Fatherlessness is available for $15 (online or via the mail) from:

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