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The Orchard Street Press is very pleased to announce the publication of    To See in the Night, the exceptional new book from Judith A. Kennedy of Marietta, Pennsylvania. This collection of poems explores experiences of the ‘night,’ including both the pain of loss and emerging light.                               

In the poem “The Sign in the Creperie Says Look Up,” Kennedy writes:

Look into the creases
of his familiar hand
and see the history of receding lines
map the movements of nomads
across Siberia and different seas
to the slide and crush of Cambrian
riverbeds, the movements of peoples
before the parting of tectonic plates,
after the cooling of the earth,
into the loam of time
that bursts the core
of forgetting.

Harold Schweizer, author of On Lingering and Literature, writes: “…Judith Kennedy’s poems speak with a moral and aesthetic authority that bears empathetic witness to the pain and loss that turn the world to night while her poems’ visionary acuity nonetheless beautifully illumines and fathoms the dark.”

Le Hinton, author of six poetry collections, notes: “(Kennedy’s) observations on loss, hope, history, and politics are gems of brilliance that only a poet can offer. To See in the Night is a passionate meditation on life in this century.”

Keith Flynn, editor of The Asheville Review, observes: “Her (Kennedy’s) poems nose into vacancies of spirit listening for the ‘sea that rocks us,’ the longings of the soul, ‘the movements of peoples before the parting of the tectonic plates.’ This is a book that dares to ask the biggest, most poignant questions….”

To See in the Night is available
(either by direct mail or via the web)
for $12 from:

The Orchard Street Press
P.O. Box 280; Gates Mills, Ohio 44040

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Sales price: $12.00