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The Orchard Street Press is pleased to announce the release of (riding) shotgun in imaginary cars, an exciting new poetry collection by Bob Wickless of Reidsville, North Carolina.

Matthew Graham, Poet Laureate of Indiana (2020-2022) and author of The Geography of Home writes: “The wonderfully modulated, precisely constructed poems in Bob Wickless’ new collection enter the realm only experience and diligent, unending work and talent can approach: wisdom. Again and again while reading these powerful poems, I was reminded of Stafford’s line from “Traveling Through the Dark: ‘I thought hard for us all—my only swerving.’ Only, these poems do not swerve. They force us to continually confront the terror and beauty of time and memory, of being alive. They think hard for us all, and we are better for it.”

Ashley Wahl, editor of O. Henry magazine comments: “The poet has wound back the film, pointed his camera out the window and then shown us what’s left from a long and circular flash of a drive where time blurs despite our best efforts to stop it. Throughout the journey, a brief yet eternal passage back to the beginning, light flickers like memory, dances across faces and landscapes and illuminates the moments that will later awaken both poet and reader to our most ancient and innocent questions: Where are we going? What’s the point of going so fast? Playing witness as the poet discovers treasure he ‘hadn’t been seeking’ is both sacred and unceremonious. Yet his mature and informal delivery pulls the reader into the experience in a way that feels effortless and shared—as if his realizations are your own.”

(riding) shotgun in imaginary cars is available for $12,

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Sales price: $12.00