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The Orchard Street Press is pleased to announce the release of Heaven is in Truckee, the exciting new collection of poems by Nancy Cavers Dougherty of Sebastopol, California.                                                           

About Heaven is in Truckee, poet Margaret Rooney writes: “These are poems of quintessential American sounds and seasons: the rustle of Sycamores, the staccato of cleats on pavement, the slosh of ice in a Styrofoam cup, the smack of a ball, the lion roar of an old beat poet, and ‘finger taps and clocks running up their tics.’ Her language is full of music, alliterations, and internal rhymes.

Raphael Block, author of At This Table and Earth-Love Newsletter, observes: “Whether writing in postcard form or Etheree, this collection is infused with searing, sensual detail that ‘works as a quinine for ills.’ Dougherty’s surprising images and juxtapositions lead this reader to those unexpected ‘Aha!’moments.”

Pearl Karrer, former Managing Editor of California Quarterly, notes: “Nancy Cavers Dougherty, with an economy of words, invites us into Heaven is in Truckee, each poem finding its own tactile shape on the page. Familiar settings are vibrant with sensory images: we sit on a back deck, a late September Sunday; gossip at the Little League game; walk a hot Midwestern pavement; witness a mother-daughter airport farewell; attend a ballet audition…These are poems that explore relationships, celebrate the gift of life.”

Heaven is in Truckee is available (both online and via the mail) from:                                                                                     

The Orchard Street Press
P.O. Box 280
Gates Mills, OH  44040

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