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The Orchard Street Press is pleased to announce the release of Better Late Than Never the engaging new poetry collection by Patrick Theron Erickson of Garland, Texas.

Lew Forester, author of Dialogues With Light and winner of the 2018 Malovrh-Fenlon Poetry Prize, writes that Better Late Than Never is a “satisfying journey with surprising twists and turns. Starting with the title, Patrick Theron Erickson skillfully brings new meaning to common expressions with humor, wordplay, and wisdom. “After Baudelaire” has striking, often haunting imagery: ‘such ephemera/as presage autumn/predate the riot of winter/and its stigmata.’ In the poignant “Resident Aliens,” exiles ‘pack and unpack/their belongings/and never belong.’ From the stunning “Collateral Damage” to “Natural Birth,” where eyes are ‘fixed lidless as morning,’ this collection brings new insights with each reading.”

About Better Late Than Never, Paul I. Johnston, Ph.D. notes, “Erickson is a master at showing how paradox is essential to the structure and beginning of a poem. His incisive vision seizes the obvious and mundane, showing first how its opposite is naturally part of what he describes and how necessary the apposition is. Whether a tree, the sky, or the dying of the day, the reality of their existence reveals itself in the first noting, then the reconciliation of opposite qualities the reader did not realize they possess. One is amazed as well as delighted to discover in the reading of these poems at how significant, how beautifully symmetrical and satisfying, the objects of this everyday experience are when seen through the eyes of this poet.

Better Late Than Never is available for $14 (online and via the mail) from:

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