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The Orchard Street Press is pleased to announce the release of Tesserae, the exciting new poetry collection from Timothy Martin of Ann Arbor, Michigan.  

Tania Runyan, author of Second Sky and What Will Soon Take Place, says of Tesserae: “House fires. War. Bigotry. Enormous garden spiders. Timothy Martin can write about such things with truth and tenderness while offering us the hope of carolers, chainsaw-wielding nuns, and butterfly houses rebuilt after hurricanes. When reading his poetry, I find myself literally gasping at the fresh surprises of his lines that ‘send up such joy that heaven/sharpens its pencils to take notes.’ Enter the colorful, light-catching worlds contained in these Tesserae of poems, and you will never want to leave.”

Writer and editor Mike Anderson says this: “First, Timothy Martin is a wizard of imagery, conjuring a complete picture in just a few conversational words to illuminate a metaphor or memory. But even more noteworthy is his command of tone: a light, humorous observation or anecdote will veer into the serious, skidding around the pitfalls of easy sentiment and bogs of pontification, and onto a narrow, unsuspected path to, sometimes, heart-wrenching realizations. And then ,effortlessly back to easier terrain again—Martin’s hands lightly on the steering wheel, in complete control. What a ride!”

Tesserae is available for $14, both online and via the mail, from:

The Orchard Street Press 
P.O. Box 280
Gates Mills, Ohio 44040

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Sales price: $14.00