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The Orchard Street Press is pleased to announce the release of  Guidelines For Nirvana, the engaging new poetry collection from Sue Spirit of West Salem, Ohio.

About Guidelines For Nirvana, Katerina Katarska Whitely, author of Around a Greek Table and Myth and Memory: My Childhood in World War II Greece, writes: “Reading Sue Spirit’s poems propels us into a dizzying world of awakened senses…(she) amazes with her gift of seeing and of remembering what she has seen…Her sense of hearing is just as acute; she hears the delight of the elephants as they ‘genuflect’ to drink water, ‘the trumpet voluntary of sweet percussion,’…and the ‘organ pipe wind chimes.’…we move into a world of mystery and human ache for immense historic upheavals and injustices…Read this chapbook and see, hear, and feel Sue Spirit.”

Terry Moore-Painter, minister, artist, and writer, observes: “Her poetry is a discovery of vibrant colors, exotic tastes, mysterious landscapes, and exhilarating  experiences. Traveling with Sue is sheer joy.”

Joseph Bathanti, author of Light at the Seam and North Carolina Poet Laureate (2012-2014) notes: “Reading Sue Spirit’s new chapbook is indeed a transcendent experience. Spirit’s world is one of ongoing enlightenment where “Fire-glazed horses thunder in the air,” and every atom is charged with wonder.”

Sue Spirit has a little writing shed, Nunavut, at Degrees of Freedom, the women’s retreat center where she and Marcia Hickman have welcomed guests since 1984. They also have a small cabin, Dream Spirit, in the mountains of North Carolina. She has published poems and articles on spirituality, nature, travel, and writing. She has also kept journals for 67 years. Having traveled to 45 countries on 5 continents, Sue and Marcia continue their travels around the world, eating at memorable ethnic restaurants. They support grass-roots projects in India, Uganda, Burundi, and Guatemala. Sue guides two women’s writing circles, one at Degrees of Freedom and one in North Carolina.

Guidelines For Nirvana is available, both via mail and online from:                                                                  

The Orchard Street Press
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Gates Mills, Ohio  44040

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